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2017 Summer Personal Machine Learning (Deep Learning) Project (Linear Regression)


Project was inspired by “Deeptesla” (


Use TensorFlow to Inference the steering wheel angle only based on the single front image

<1> Developing Environment


  • Nvidia Jetson TX2 (256 Pascal CUDA Cores, 8GB shared RAM)
  • Texas Instrument SN65HVD230 (Can bus transceiver)
  • Toyota 2016 Camry LE
  • Wires and Electricity (12V DC)
  • Logitech Webcam (Cheapest possible from Micro Center)


  • Tensorfow v1.0.1
  • Python3
  • OpenCV 3.2
  • Numpy

<2> Collect Data

I drove my car by myself and at the same time collecting the data. It is possible to connect the keyboard to the Jetson TX2 and run the Python code, but I found that it is more convenient to use the serial port in the GPIO port and connect to my MacBook and run the script.

<3> Design Model

Network: Modified AlexNet to fit my model

Loss: Mean Squared Error

<4> Prepare the Data

I resized the frame into size of [66,256,1] which I personally thought is good enough for the CNN.

I could find that the Toyota uses the “ID : 0x025” as the steering wheel angle. I found that they are using the signed data, fixed point decimal. For more detail please check the code.

(Balance Data)

Steering wheel usually don’t change a lot in the real world driving environment. Therefore, the data was extremely imbalanced. I spend lots of time balancing the data.

Lessons Learned:

1. Hardware

CNN requires big amount of memory, if the dataset don’t fit into the memory, then cut it down to smaller batch.

2. Network

Before I start this project I thought the network will make huge difference in linear regression problem, because it does make huge difference in categorical problem. However, I found that the linear regression problem doesn’t hugely affected by the network

3. Data

It was challenging to make the data into the dataset and balance the data prevent from biased weight.

Steering angle of 15:


Steering angle of -15: